Thursday, October 29, 2009

I popped a ball... (Week 3, Day 2)

Bare min today.
The workout for today is:
Set 1 : 20
Set 2 : 25
Set 3 : 15
Set 4 : 15
Set 5 : Max (at least 25)
90 seconds between sets today.
Lemme say 'Wow'. 100 total.
Weight - 184.5
Max at the end - 25
Amount of Awesome I am(Scale of 1-100) - 73

Monday, October 26, 2009

I popped a ball... (Week 3, Day 1)

Yesterday, I did push ups until exhaustion and I went until I did 30 push ups, which isn't too terribly bad. I also wasn't too mentally prepared for it which may have affected me. I needed to do that to get re calibrated into the system for week 3. I also decided that next week I am going to start running on days that I don't do any push ups. Hopefully I will start to become healthier and healthier. And, I'm probably not going to drink in any kind of excess from now until my birthday or so. I'm excited to feel better. Also, I'm still in column three for the next set of workouts.
The workout for today is:
Set 1 : 14
Set 2 : 18
Set 3 : 14
Set 4 : 14
Set 5 : Max (at least 20)
60 seconds between sets today.
The sixty seconds between sets is really the hardest thing to do for me. I was only able to do 12 on the last one. I did finish after though. I know I'll do better next time so I'm not too worried about it. Bummer though. I still am feeling pretty awesome.
Weight - 182.5
Max at the end - 12
Amount of Awesome I am(Scale of 1-100) - 73

Friday, October 23, 2009

I popped a ball... (Week 2, Day 3)

So I went rock climbing with Danny Oats on Wednesday, and now my arms hurt and stuff. It's mostly my forearms but who knows. I feel like the workout today is going to be really good and that I am going to literally and figuratively kill it today, brah. I've had a pretty decent last couple of days in general. I do wish it was cold again. I know it's supposed to get kind of chilly on tomorrow but not too chilly. It might be perfect out, who knows. Also, Happy Birthday to Zach tomorrow!
The workout for today is:
Set 1 : 16
Set 2 : 17
Set 3 : 14
Set 4 : 14
Set 5 : Max (at least 20)
I'm starting to think that the extra rest really does help. I did 25 at the end today and it was tough. There was no way at the beginning of the work out I thought I would be able to do 25 push ups at the end. I think that's the awesome in me though. I rocked it and I 'm ready for the exhaustion exercise tomorrow to gauge progress and put me in the right section from here on out. AoAIA meter is definitely going up today. Wooh.
Weight - 182.5
Max at the end - 25
Amount of Awesome I am(Scale of 1-100) - 68
I'm going to try and post more non-work out stuff on here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I popped a ball... (Week 2, Day 2)

The workout on Monday was tough, and it appears like tonight's workout is going to be even tougher. I am looking forward to it though. 71 push ups total at least. I feel like I probably have it under control though. Might also go rock climbing after with Danny Oats. Here we go...
The workout for today is:
Set 1 : 14
Set 2 : 16
Set 3 : 12
Set 4 : 12
Set 5 : Max (at least 17)
There is a 90 second rest between sets. We'll see how that affects the workout.
That was sooo hard. I finished everything but on the last on I had to break form and take a small break. I finished the last set but I can not rightfully say I maxed at 17. I have to say 13 because that is when the break came. I had my doubts about how easy this workout was going to be when the first set of 12 was pretty difficult.
My weight went up again but it's still not drastic enough for me to care.
AoAIA meter is going to go up but basically stay the same this week because there weren"t any big changes this week.
Weight - 184.5
Max at the end - 13
Amount of Awesome I am(Scale of 1-100) - 55

Monday, October 19, 2009

I popped a ball... (Week 2, Day 1)

Week 2 is here and I'm all ready to get started. No boring chit chat today.
The workout for today is:
Set 1 : 14
Set 2 : 14
Set 3 : 10
Set 4 : 10
Set 5 : Max (at least 15)
There is a 60 second rest between sets. We'll see how that affects the workout.
It was toughie today. I still feel good about it, despite only being able to do 15 at the end. It was definitely a chore towards the end. I did refine my push up form though and I feel like it was a better workout today and I will improve on it on Wednesday, hopefully. Other than that, weight went up by a pound, no big deal. Max at the end went down, probably because I am doing push ups correctly now. AoAIA meter went up also, because of my fan support.
Weight - 182.5
Max at the end - 15
Amount of Awesome I am(Scale of 1-100) - 53

Friday, October 16, 2009

I popped a ball... (Week 1, Day 3)

Push up time again and it feels good to keep this up consistently. Hopefully I will see improvements in my strength and body shape by the end of this. Also, I was thinking about why I was keeping track of these workouts online for everyone to see and I realized that if I were to do it this way I would be able to keep myself accountable. If this works I might start to keep track of other stuff on here, like running or schoolwork or something.
The workout for today is:
Set 1 : 11
Set 2 : 15
Set 3 : 9
Set 4 : 9
Set 5 : Max (at least 13)
There is a 120 second rest between sets. We'll see how that affects the workout.
With the two minutes rest periods there was very little exhaustion that I noticed during the workout. I am a little tired now but that is most likely because of the fifth set max that I did. It automatically takes a lot out of you to push yourself to the edge of what you can do, even at the end of a mediocre workout. Right now, I do feel my arms and shoulders trying to recover from the workout. I think that is a good sign. I did improve my max push ups at the end of the workout from a 16 to an 18, which is good steady improvement and I'm glad to see that happen.
My AoAIA meter is going from a 38 to a 42 today because the workout was pretty good today. Overall though, I'm in a pretty blah mood, so it's not going up too too much. I'm enjoying this right now and I hope the other things even out too.
Now I have two days of rest until my next workout. I'm excited for the beginning of week 2.
Weight - 181.5
Max at the end - 18
Amount of Awesome I am(Scale of 1-100) - 42

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I popped a ball... (Week 1, Day 2)

It's push up time and I feel good. If the day to push was yesterday, I have to say that I would have struggled. My shoulders were killing me and I most likely would have struggled to complete the workout. Today is a new day and I'm ready to move on.
The workout for today is:
Set 1 : 10
Set 2 : 12
Set 3 : 8
Set 4 : 8
Set 5 : Max (at least 12)
There is a 90 second rest between sets. We'll see how that affects the workout.
I think the 90 second rest between sets helped a lot because I was definitely better rested for the later sets. I blew by the early sets but by set 4 I noticed I was catching my breathe during the resting period. Overall, I felt good today. I did 4 more than the minimum required push ups for the fifth set. Also, my weight basically stayed the same like it should. I'm only going to worry about consisted weight changes or drastic weight changes. Today was neither.
The AoAIA scale went up slightly today, from a 24 to a 38 because I felt good about my workout. It would have went up more but I hurt myself again scootering. This time it wasn't workout threatening but it still brings my awesomness down slightly. That is the risk/reward I deal with for living the life I do.
Weight - 184.5
Max at the end - 16
Amount of Awesome I am(Scale of 1-100) - 38

Monday, October 12, 2009

I popped a ball... (week 1, Day 1)

Week 1 starts today and man, am I pumped. I already weighed myself today and it appears that I have lost 3 pounds so far. It's most likely water weight or something because I have not done anything to really change that from two days ago.
Another thing to note is that I was scooting around the Brad about half an hour ago and I fell and maybe hurt my shoulder. This could be a problem because shoulders are a main part of doing push ups. It's really funny to me because I haven't even started doing anything yet and I am already building up my excuses. Boy am I good at doing that.
I'm going to get down to business now though. Because on Saturday I did 20 push ups I am working on column 3 of the work out. It looks something like this:
Set 1 : 10
Set 2 : 12
Set 3 : 7
Set 4 : 7
Set 5 : Max(at least 9)
Also, on the fist day, you take 60 second rests between sets. I'm going to do the work now and come back and write more about the work in a second.
It was definitely harder to do than I thought it would be. It's hard to stop yourself at 10 on the first try and start doing it again after resting for sixty seconds. Not impossible by any means, but I feel that I am definitely going to have to push myself harder than I thought I might have to to complete this workout plan. My shoulder also tightened up after the first set, which makes sense but I was not counting on. I hope it feels 100% tomorrow. I am intrigued to see what day 2 brings me on Wednesday.
My max on Set 5 was 10. I once again thought I was going to do better, but I do have my built in excuses. At least I beat the 9 that I had to do.
The AoAIA meter did go down from a 53 to a 24 which is not a good thing, but it is likely to go up in the near future. That is a good thing. It went down because I failed to meet personal expectations and I ate it on the scooter very soon before the workout today. It would of went lower, but I decided not to skip my workout today.
An interesting trend to look at is that all three of the statistics I decided to keep went down from Saturday until today. The weight went down from 185.5 to 182.5, the max push ups went from 20 to 10, and the AoAIA meter went from a 53 to a 24. If I had to make predictions for the rest of the workout, I would guess the weight would stay anywhere from 178.5 to 186.0 the entire workout. I would also guess the max push ups will steadily increase, and the AoAIA meter will fluctuate greatly thoughout this process.
Weight - 182.5
Max at the end - 10
Amount of Awesome I am(Scale of 1-100) - 24

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I popped a ball...

I am in the worst shape of my life right now. I have trouble with finding motivation to go to the gym and work out. I recently weighed myself and I'm at a cool 185, which is the most I have ever weighed and is about 15 pounds heavier than I'd like to weigh. I also need to start eating better. My Dad has better cholesterol than me right now and I am pretty sure it won't bode well for me if I don't do something to attempt to change this for myself. I would love to magically find the motivation to go the gym but realistically that isn't going to happen.
I decided that push ups can be a useful tool for getting in shape because they are free and the can be done almost anywhere. After searching the web for a little while, I came across a workout called the 100 Push Up Challenge. It's a six week program and the goal is to be able to do 100 push ups in a row by the end of the six weeks. I figured that I can do this and keep everyone updated on how I'm doing and get in better shape all at the same time. Go me.
The first thing that has to be done is to evaluate how many push ups you can do in order to see how what track you are supposed to follow in order to get the most out of the program. There is a nifty little graph there that has this graph on it, plus other stuff, but this is the only part that involves me. My prediction is that I will be in Rank 3 but I could surprise myself.
<40 years old
0-5 - Rank 1
6-14 - Rank 2
15-29 - Rank 3
30-49 - Rank 4
50-99 - Rank 5
100-149 - Rank 6
150 & above - Rank 7
Looking at the program a little further and I'm not sure what the above chart has to do with the program because it says that if I can do more than 20 push ups in a row I should move directly to week 3. I'm kind of confused and it's really late so I'm going to wang it. Werd.
Just tested things out and I did 2o push ups in a row and it lowered my 'Amount of Awesome I am' scale from a 72 to 53. I thought I was going to do better than that I think mentally I stopped at 20 so I could start week 1. I was out of breath following my 20 push ups, which confirms the fact that I am terribly out of shape for right now. Six weeks from now I might be man-jacked though. Now I'm tired though, good night. First workout of week 1 is on Monday.
I know this sounds pretty douche-ish, but bear with me. Which reminds me: This is your What-A-Douche Moment and it has been brought to you by What-A-Burger.
Weight - 185.5
Max at the end - 20
Amount of Awesome I am(Scale of 1-100) - 53

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Holiday Hair

Halloween is fast approaching. I'm not exactly sure what kind of Halloween costume I am going to be dressing up in, which means I have to be prepared for anything. Part of being prepared for me is not shaving my face or cutting my hair from now until the big day. Part of the reasoning behind this is that I can always lose the beard or the hair the day of, but if I end up needing one, I can't grow one in a day. It won't be too long though, because it'll be about a six weeker. Hopefully it turns out to be a good holiday.