Monday, April 18, 2011

This one person.

I consider myself to be very blessed. I was born into a family where I had a lot of opportunities to do pretty much anything I ever wanted to do. I've also been lucky to have great relationships with people. One relationship will always stand out.

That person taught me so much about myself and about people. I had never had someone I could tell anything to and that really meant a lot to me. Spending time with her was the most comfortable and easiest thing to do. So many memories were made and I would definitely not be the same person I am without having gone through the things I did with her. I will be forever grateful.

Her passion for the little ones is amazing. You can hear it in her voice when you talk to her. And you will probably know within the first couple of minutes. It is wonderful. You can also see God in her everyday life. She really is a princess. I look forward to future experiences whenever they may happen, even if it is a little while away.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

It just so works out that I don't get to eat lunch at my internship today. Clients in the morning and front desk duty in until three. And to top it all off, someone is making pizza in the break room. Smells divine. I'm going to go home early today to eat/get some other things done. Should be a good day. Going to TBS tonight, but eating Chick-Fil-A beforehand.


I wish I could make all of the problems of the past go away. I wish we could start anew with right now and just go from here. I wish these things were possible. We all deserve a rest from reality sometimes and that time is sometimes now.

I wish these things but the past is always with us. The choices we make stay with us and become a part of who we are. They become a part of who we are but they don't become who we are. Our past choices don't have to define us. Make choices from now on that you're not afraid to have define us.

You are awesome, and we are awesome