Sunday, December 13, 2009

I've learned things from myself recently.
I've learned that it's really easy to not car about school.
I've learned sometimes the consequences of not caring out way how good it can feel to have no worries.
I've learned a good hug always seems too short.
I've learned that I definitely have more good friends in Tallahassee right now than I do in South Florida.
I've learned that I love my parents but they can still drive me crazy after spending 20 minutes with them.
I've learned that I really love surprising people by doing something for them that they never thought I would do.
I've learned that the only thing an exterminator is guaranteed to do is make the bugs come out of the wall.
I've learned that driving six hours is better with company.
I've learned that I truly am blessed with my family and friends.
I've learned it's hard to lose someone for any amount of time.
I've learned it's easy to be happy for someone, but it's hard to not feel sorry for yourself.
I've learned that I'm excited for new adventures in January.