Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making Strides

Ran tonight. Wasn't sure if running was in the cards for me tonight. It was and I ran a little less than two miles. I was feeling good towards the end and was contemplating running another couple hundred meters. Got cramps right after I thought about going a longer distance. Still felt better during my run today than I have during a run in a long long time. Definite improvement.

Also, making strides in other parts of my life. Becoming more okay with everything. Trusting more in the Lord. These thing have to happen eventually. If it's in God's plan we'll meet again in a better situation. If not, I can't dwell on this situation forever, even though I probably would if it were up to me. Once again though, more okay.

See the double meaning to making strides there? Improvements and running. They both involve strides in some way...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pro/Con List of Running in Tallahassee According to David

Pro: Running down hills
Weather still not unbearable and it's already basically April
Lots of side streets making it easy to add a quick quarter mile extra to a run
I have to develop new routes to run because of unfamiliarity
There is apparently a 5k just about every weekend

Con: Running up hills
College life has made me out of shape
Area where I run is not as nice, so I can't run late at night
The roads here are not in as good shape as I am used to

I've been running again for about a week now. It feels good to get back into the daily run grind. I'm excited for a week or two when it stops hurting so much after a mile and a half. My legs appear to be more or less back into shape. Once I slim down my torso it will be a lot easier for me to run longer distances without stopping. My legs will almost definitely be stronger then too.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cats Names

One potential cat name for someday is Wrinkles.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

All Out

I used to say that I gave all I had in friendships and relationships because I had never been hurt. I had never put a lot into a situation and had it really backfire on me. I was pretty content being the guy that goes all the way for the people in my life. There were benefits to this way to live and there were also drawbacks. I felt that I got the most from my relationships but I also ran the risk of pain, of being hurt in these friendships.

I've gone through a little more of my life and I've felt some of these pains. I've been hurt by different people in various ways. That pain can burn worse that a million candles. It is hard and it takes a long time to recover from.

But, I have also decided not to change my ways. I have decided that I can't change my ways. If I didn't live this life like this, I wouldn't be me. It would be very uncharacteristic of me to stop doing this now or at anytime. This may be because it took me longer than a lot of people I know to feel let down by someone, but it might also be because I have had so many great relationships with so many different people in my life. I have loved all out for so long and have seen the fruits that it can bear. To continue that metaphor, I'm not going to stop eating the fruit just because a couple of them have turned up rotten. On a side note, this goes the opposite way my Dad chooses restaurants. I've hit so many homeruns, I won't stop once one gets called back due to the new fangled instant replay technology(I was going to compare homeruns to strikeouts, but the hurting has never been strikeouts. They have always been really good and then followed by bumps in the road.) So don't worry guys. Expect the same ol' David in your life, he's not going anywhere.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Faith and Reliability

What can we put our all into? What can we rely on? In my experience the only thing we can rely on in life is faith in Jesus. Everything else will fail you eventually.
This sentiment is expressed vividly when I follow sports. It's so easy for me to get all my hopes and dreams caught up in how well the seminoles do or how well the bears do.
When they lose at the end of the season it's over, there is no going back. That season is over. Unless you win the championship, the season ends in disappointment. There is only one champion at the end of the year.
With faith God will never fail you. He is unique in this way.

Ball Dropped

It kills me to see statements of happiness with not me. I don't want my best friend to hurt one bit, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt me that much more. I'm glad she's having a great time and I wish I wasn't so selfish. That's what kills me. I kill me. The ball was definitely dropped.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Target Kickball

Today I plan to participate in a kickball game that matches two Target store up against each other. 844 vs. 1973. I work at 844 and we plan on winning. This could be a lot of fun. There is also a barbeque after the game. I'm super excited.

Also, this photo stirs up all kinds of emotions in me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself, so I'm done with that. My love will never stop but me pitying myself has to.

Some really good things have started to happen. Namely, I've been getting back into running and that feels great. As long as I stick with running I should be able to get back into shape fairly quickly. I've set some attainable goals for myself. I'd like to be able to run a 24 minute 5k by graduation. That was my average time when I was in high school running cross country. My harder but still possibly attainable goal is to run a 5k in 21 minutes. Running is fun and the pain is good sometimes.

Marathon has also been coming into my head lately. I think it would be cool to accomplish that, especially since it is so hard for me to run 3 miles right now.

I've also been reading my bible and other assorted books lately. That has been really rewarding.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He's not me and you're not you

I'm sick and tired of feeling like there's something I should be doing that I am forgetting to do all the time. I need to get over this so I can live my life but that seems impossible to do right now. I wish life wasn't so uncertain sometimes.