Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where have all the people gone?

Everyone is leaving me here on this site. Still, I will continue on. I will continue to post every once in a while when I have motivation to do so. I enjoy expressing my feelings on this blog, no matter how many people's feelings I get to read myself. I could move to tumblr like (basically) everyone else I used to read on here. I could do that, but I can't. Where does the switching of a place to share your thoughts end? Soon, tumblr will probably be a thing of the past and then I would probably be left behind again. I could keep this blog and open a tumblr myself but I already use this site, twitter, and (although not recently, but I will eventually be back on) facebook. When does it stop being fun and start being just a giant waste of time. I enjoy reading about my friends though and I am sad that they have left me.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Family is Awesome!

This is a copy of an e-mail I just opened from my Aunt Cheryl regarding my Grandma's birthday coming up next weekend. I'm super excited to spend time with them and here are some of the reason's why: I've added personal notes of explanation to explain some things.

Maureen’s 75th Birthday Bash!
9 days and counting to the family and friends fun weekend in honor of our wonderful mother, grandmother and friend!
We wanted to send each one of you some information regarding the schedule for the weekend and what to bring. So here goes…
Please be sure to bring:

Beach towel

Bath Towel Chances are I won't be showering for (most of) the weekend.

Lawn Chairs

Tents, Blankets and Pillows (if you have been informed that you or your children will potentially sleep in a tent) Positive I'm sleeping in a tent.

Bags Game or other outdoor game My family love competition, even if it's just friendly comp


BYOB – those of legal age are to bring whatever alcohol they need for the weekend. Those under legal age – don’t even think about it. ☺I'm the last Grandkid to turn 21 until Ted (17), poor Ted, this was directed solely at him...
What’s on the Schedule:

Friday evening
Most family and guests are arriving – plan to eat Italian Beef Sandwiches at the Andersen Compound – casual evening

Saturday morning
Breakfast – each cottage will have their own light breakfast
Family 5K – because Steve’s Run is not scheduled until late July, we are doing our own. We would love for all family and friends to participate whether you can run like the wind or walk with a little one. The plan is to go up to the Yacht Club and back. Water station will be manned at the Yacht Club. Please bring your running shoes! Recipe for disaster. I guess I have to start training now...

Saturday afternoon
Lunch at the Andersen Compound – burgers, dogs and salads
Survivor/Amazing Race Competition – serious fun here. Mary and Mark are putting together a really fun challenge for us. Feel free to bring a funny hat or outfit that would bring some humor to the event. I know the grandkids will come through on this… If you do not wish to be on a team where you could use your athletic skills or problem solving skills, please let Mary know via e-mail as soon as possible. Once again need to start training. I think I'm expected to preform at a reasonably high level in this one...

Saturday evening
Dinner at the Andersen Compound – pulled chicken and pork and sides Yum.

Sunday morning
Brunch – each cottage will have their own brunch

Sunday evening
Maureen’s Birthday Bash – the band is scheduled to start playing at 7:00 pm EST. I hear there is going to be a magician this year...
Dinner – Mexican Fiesta
Finally, we will collect $60/adult for food, prizes, band, etc for the weekend. Please bring cash with you and give to Mary or Cheryl upon arrival.
We are really looking forward to a wonderful celebration in honor of Maureen. Pray for good weather and safe travels.
See you in just a few days!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Not so good with plans right now. I do know that I plan on going to class tomorrow and then go to lunch with a couple of my friends. I also know that at sometime during the day tomorrow, I will get a haircut of some kind. I also know that I really want to climb a tree and read a book. This all seems very attainable at this time. The haircut won't be too show and tree climbing may be shorter than I'd like. The heat might get in the way of how long I stay in a tree. Going outside in Tallahassee right now feels a lot like going inside... an oven right now. Good deals on this very attainable plan for tomorrow.

Friday, June 11, 2010


That last post was about facebook, that's it. No reason to look into it or anything. I was having a bad day. I love my friends and it's just too easy for me to get emotional about little things that shouldn't bug me like they do. So I'm taking a breather from facebook and trying to focus on actual people and being more productive. I'm hoping that as my facebook use goes down, my actual computer use will go down too. This = productivity to me for some reason. I'm excited to grow. This is happening.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I can't take the on again/off again anymore. Let me know when it's going to be on again for a while.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Jack

Walking through Target past the electronics section today and I noticed something that wasn't there the day before. I realized that it was a new Jack Johnson CD. Jack Johnson was my jam back in my high school days and In Between Dreams is one of my favorite CDs of all time(to be fair, I will most likely end up having a lot of favorite CDs of all time). A lot of the songs from that CD mean a lot to me emotionally because I listened to them with some of the coolest people you will ever meet. In early 2008 when Jack's next CD was coming out, I was excited. I went to Walmart with some friends and wandered to the electronic section to grab Sleep Through the Static and go home and listen to it. I was disappointed when I finally got a chance to listen to it. It was missing the catchy lyrics and originality of In Between Dreams. It was almost like Jack Johnson had realized what had made him a success on his previous album and decided that he was going to take these songs to a song writing machine, plug in the formula he was going to use, press a button, and out would pop a song and there was track 6 from Sleep Through the Static. The most accurate word I can use to describe that album is forgetable. Sleep Through the Static stopped me from getting excited about Jack Johnson's new CD coming out. I didn't even know he had a new CD coming out until today when I saw it on the shelf. I told myself I would give the new CD a listen because of the good memories I had from the 2005 release. Because lets you listen to entire CDs from albums that are being released that week, I decided to listen to the new album before I went to bed. The first two tracks did not seem very good to me. The opener, You and Your Heart, is the first single, and it seems very similar to the song from Sleep Through the Static, If I Had Eyes. I didn't really like that song very much anyway. Past the first two songs, except for a couple of mediocre songs towards the end of the CD, I thought it became a very solid album. Nothing on it really blew me away but I wasn't necessarily expecting it to and I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing either. I don't think it was as good as In Between Dreams, but I will definitely be giving it another listen.
Also, Blogger is telling me this is my 100th post!!! Blogger is also probably including a couple of the posts I did on the Lemon Cayenne Pepper Cleanse Blog that was popular for a week. Boo that thing, man.