Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bless You...

Why does sneezing get all of the attention? Where is all of the love for coughs and hiccups and all of the other random noises that come out of our mouths and noses without our permission. Why must we ignore them? I'm not saying I have a solution, but what up America?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Danny Oats Makes My Life

Oh, him and his shenanigans. He's so crazy. He shaved his head randomly and there is a big pile of Polynesian hair right outside my bedroom door. He so cracy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Gah, he always hurts me. First he broke my glass and then one of my bowls and not he bets me I can't jump from the ground to the ledge and he makes me hurt my leg. What is he thinking, always breaking me and my things? I hate him sometimes but not really, I'm just playing Danny, I love you all of the time. I'm talking about Danny Oats of coarse. Daniel Luis Padolina Honeycutt. That's right, I said it. But my leg really does hurt...

Monday, March 23, 2009


Today in my Intro to Social Work class, we had a guest speaker from a place in Tallahassee called Lee's Place. Lee's Place is a place in Tallahassee that helps people cope with loss, whether it be from death or divorceor many other issues that could result in someone losing someone. We've had other guest speakers from all different aspects of the Social Work profession, but none of those hit me like this one did. I was almost distracted during the presentation because everytime the guest speaker would bring up something, an example would appear in my head of a time that situation happened in my life. It was just a very interesting class for me because it caused me to think about all of the people I have lost in my life and all of the people that matter most in my life today. Overall, a very interesting Intro to Social Work class.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Not Quite.

I think if Cookie Monster took his time eating cookies, he would probably be able to eat more cookies. It would be more efficient.

This would probably be a good twitter post, but I'm probably not going to get a twitter anytime soon.


Did you guys hear about Blake? He got into an accident a while back and he needed reconstructive surgery. Well, he got it!!! It's almost like he has a whole new face. And you know how we always made fun of his kinda squeaky voice by making our voices really high whenever we said his name. Because, Blake's got a new face.

I have that Vampire Weekend song stuck in my head, so I decided to write a little blurb about it. Sweet right.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


So, if you have talked to me in the last couple of days, I have probably brought up to you something that I've been thinking about lately that I think is incredibly funny, nay, hilarious. Okay, It's not that funny, but it does give me a giggle. On side note, giggle is a funny word, perhaps I'll write a separate blog post on why that is so hilarious to me. Spoiler alert though, you can probably imagine why it's funny to me. (I mean, look at it. Looking at the word giggle makes me, well... giggle) Wow, I just got sidetracked. Not going to lie though, it was a good sidetracked, not a bad one. Okay, I'm just going to throw this out there, I think the word 'brah' can be used in very funny ways. And I'm not condoning the use of the word 'brah', but in certain situations it can be comic gold-ish, or maybe silver or bronze, but definitely a precious medal. Or a gem or something, comic ruby, maybe it will grow on me. (That joke was comic sapphire, still maybe on that one.) Okay, back to our originally scheduled programming. If used in the right context, it works. There are certain rules to this awesomeness.

1. The word 'Brah' must be placed at either the beginning of the statement, or at the end of the statement. It's an add-on to the sentence. It is used to identify the person who is being talked too.
2. It is specifically used for one liners. If you want to do more that a one liner, it still might be funny, but it might lose some of its hilarity.
3. The line that you use needs to be a catchphrase or a well known saying. It's better if people know what you're talking about. I'm just saying.
4. To top off what is happening, say it in a very douchy condescending tone. Imagine if Keanu Reeves is saying something and he thinks he's better than you. So funny.

A couple of examples of this would be, "Taste the rainbow, brah" or "Confucius says, he who will not economize will have to agonize, brah"

Friday, March 20, 2009


I do most of my deep thinking in the shower. I like it that way. In the shower, it's just me, nobody else, no distractions. I could occupy my time by singing or playing a game of some kind, but nope, I spend it thinking. Lots of good thoughts have gone through my head in the shower. Maybe when I'm having trouble thinking or making a big decision, I should just hop into my little thinking chamber. It would be so cool. I should really do this.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Let Me Tell You A Story...

On my brother's 21st birthday he played laser tag. How cool is that? So cool, that i look forward to possibly doing the same thing on my 21st birthday. Except I want to do it with a little more alcohol in my system. Laser tag is something that looks like it would be pretty crazy tipsy. I'm just saying...

I would also like to have a separate get together at school since my actual 21st birthday takes place the day before Thanksgiving, and I will be in West Palm.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

SB w/ SB

I had a good break. I wish it would last a little longer. I wish the days lasted longer, as well as the nights. With that said, it's gonna be nice to see my college friends again for the next six weeks.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Broken(but it's all good)

On Saturday, before I made the 6 hour trek home to West Palm, Danny dropped a glass. I don't blame him for the broken glass, but i was just a little bit sad to see one of my original glasses in a thousand(about 30) pieces. I had done so well to this point with keeping them intact. I can be a very sentimental person until I realize how little the thing meant in the long run, and that is more or less what writing this post did for me.
Also, Steph got her wisdom teeth out today and she took it like a champion. She was kind of freaked going in but she ended up doing great. That's about it for now, hope all is well for all of you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

this sucks

I hate it when you're planning to do something and something unexpected comes up and you can't do that anymore. It really is a pain in the butt. ouch.