Thursday, April 30, 2009


If i was a vampire race car driver, I would be called Count Draftula.

Get it. It's like Count Dracula but at the same time it has racing elements in it at the same time with the whole drafting thing. Well, I though it was kind of funny. Geeze.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Check out this blog. It made me laugh when I saw it.

Things Only Kids Enjoy + Profanity = Awesome Hilarity

Monday, April 27, 2009

Christmas List (Reloaded)


Christmas List

1. Bike
2. Umbrella
3. A Sweet Light Up Eagle (glow-in-the-dark also acceptable)
4. Nice Headphones

First off, I realized that I probably wont be getting a light up hummingbird, so if it's going to be on my Christmas List I might as well go all out and ask for a sweet light up eagle (glow-in-the-dark also acceptable).

And furthermore, I currently don't have a pair of working headphones. Between now and Christmas I will most likely buy myself a pair of headphones, but they will probably be a pair of $7 crap headphone craps that break after a month and a half. I probably want headphones that are more or less just for my room, so I can watch videos on my computer or listen to music. So, I more or less want to stay away from ear bud headphones. That's all.

My parting words are to always remember what Genghis Khan always said, "That's right, that just happened."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Name Luk-a-thon.

With Luke's sick nasty performance last night, I think it's time he got a stage name. Because, ya know, who doesn't have a stage name? Rick Ross? Oh, you mean William Leonard Roberts II? Sounds like even Rick Ross has a stage name. If anyone can think of a sweet stage name for Sir Lukas, that would be swell? Also, if you want to think of a DJ name and a non-DJ name that would be cool too. We could even call him William Leonard Roberts II. But, not really, cause that's lame-ish.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Do the Stanky Legg

"I Stick My Leg Out and Start Jiggin'"

Check this video out. It's called 'Stanky Legg' and it's by the G Spot Boys (a.k.a. the GS Boys). It's the hottest new dance move. I was thinking today that I could be someone that could show the world hot new dance moves. Maybe that could be how i make a difference in this world. Actually, I didn't discover it or anything but I figured I had to blog about it. Danny Oats showed it to me and it seemed to be pretty out there. I would even go as far to say that it is almost as cool as the Soulja Boi. My favorite part of the video would have to be at about one minute twenty-five seconds into the video when randomly in the back of the video, instead of having the girls dancing, there are girls sitting on ATVs. So cool.

Also, I couldn't publish this without pointing out how classy their name is. G Spot Boys, you're somebody's hero.

I also like how they spell the word leg with two 'g's much like the disease I had in my hip back in Elementary school.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Classes are Done

It's weird to think that my second year of college is almost over. I don't think I'm scared to go into the "real world" but I am scared that my time in college is really passing me by. It's going by super quickly and I would really like it to stop now so I can just chill out and relax and enjoy the show.

Speaking of "shows", Lukas's sweet dance party is tomorrow night and I think it is going to be sweet fun. I just found out my new favorite adjective for this week. It's showy. Just kidding, it's sweet. It will probably stay like this for a week or so and then my favorite adjective will go back to being 'awesome'. Or maybe it will become 'sick nasty'. I think that might be cheating though, because it's two words and therefore twice the power. Uh oh.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Christmas List(Revision)

I have a new addition.

Christmas List
1. Bike
2. Umbrella
3. A Sweet Light Up Hummingbird Like The One In The Television Commercial

I know it probably doesn't exist but if you could get one for me, that would be swell. K, Thanks. I love you guys.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Kickball was pretty epic today. The teams were kind of unfair but it was still fun. It seemed like everyone had a pretty good time. I really enjoy getting together with people I like and running around and kicking things. It could have been better if the teams were more even. I probably sound kind of bitter but I'm not really because it was really a blasty blast. We should really do things like this more often.

Special shout out to Zach and Chet for rocking the short shorts.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I Really Do Love College...

I found a funny parody video for that sweet song about loving college by that cool bro Asher Roth. You can view the video and listen to the song here. I don't really like the song, but it does make me laugh when I listen to it. I think it's the absurdity of it. I'm not saying that somebody couldn't do the things in that are said and go on in the song/video, but I'm going to say that nobody would be able to keep that up for an extended period of time.

Then I came across this sweet parody of that song called 'I Love Knowledge'. I found it on Some guy realized that college rhymed with knowledge and went to school with it, no pun intended but I like it. The knowledge version is just the same song but with sweet G rated lyrics about studying and going to class as opposed to the PG13 lyrics about partying and weed of the college version.

I think if you can find a good mix of the two, you should have a good college experience. If you stick to the college version, you'll probably not be spending too much time in college. But, if you go by the knowledge version, you wont have any fun at all. The trick is to find a good mix of the two. That is, if you want it to last more than, a couple of weeks.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Christmas List

I never know what I want for Christmas. I don't mind getting things but I just never remember the things that I need. I figure that if I do this right, this might be a good way for me to remember all of the things that I want and need when people are willing to buy them for me.

Christmas List
1. Bike
2. Umbrella

That's it for now. Thanks guys.

Also, looks like I'm probably going to be going to Chicago sometime in late July. It's still in the prelim stages but it should be pretty fun. It's like an early Christmas present or something.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today, I realized that I can put my hair in my mouth.

Just barely, but still, I've never been able to do this.

Not sure if it's cool or not but this is definitely the longest my hair has ever been. Pretty soon it will me the longest my hair will ever be.

Unless, of course my airplane crashes and I'm stuck on a deserted island for upwards of four years.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chicago Sports


I know some of ya'll aren't the biggest sports fans, but I consider myself a pretty big sports fan. I am particularly fond of the Chicago and FSU sports teams. Because of this, I was kind of excited when I saw that ESPN was choosing Chicago as the focus of it's first regional website. I thought this was pretty cool.

The setup for the website is basically the same as the normal ESPN website, same basic setup/ same setup for the links, but instead of being about all of the major sports stories it's about all of the Chicago sports stories. Here's a link.

I also have a closing remark from Sir Mix-a-Lot,
"A Booty is a Booty"
Thanks, Sir Mix-a-Lot, you always have something classyto say.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


An Axe shampoo commercial just told me that 85% of girls believe that dandruff is a turnoff. That means that 15% of girls consider dandruff to be a turn on. I think that is pretty cool because I didn't know that any girls liked dandruff. It kinda opens up the dating situation for guys with dandruff who had given up hope on dating because of their horrible dandruff problem. Things are looking up.


I really don't mind getting sweaty. I really don't mind it. In the end though, I usually prefer it to be my sweat that I am getting sweaty from.

Happy Easter to all!

Hope the Bunny Brings ya'll something pretty sweet. (Not sweaty)

Shout out to Sweaty the Bunny, though.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Sadness

This made me really sad. I can has save this kitty, please? I'll take cute kitty now.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Tuesday (tzd, -d, tyz-)

1. n -The third day of the week.
"I couldn't go to the party, because I had class on Tuesday."

2. v - To put off until a later date, particularly after large amounts of procrastination.
"My paper was taking too long so i decided to tuesday it."
This will work as long as I work.

I need to work, but Ill find any way to not work.

If I need to work, I'll work unless I can't work.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


These are the saddest of possible words:
"Tinker to Evers to Chance."
Trio of bear cubs, and fleeter than birds,
Tinker and Evers and Chance.
Ruthlessly pricking our gonfalon bubble,
Making a Giant hit into a double--
Words that are heavy with nothing but trouble:
"Tinker to Evers to Chance."

-Franklin Pierce Adams

The baseball season has started and I am super exciting. Go Cubs!!!


Today, I tasted the rainbow. By that, I mean a homeless man hit me in the face with a bag of Skittles for not giving him money. FML

I LOLed.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Danny Oats ftw

People have told me before that I'm one of the easiest people they know to get along with, and I feel honored, for lack of a better word. It's nice that people think of me that way.

With that said, I have found another person who meets these standards...

I have known him for a while. (Officially, I've known him for about 3 and a half years, maybe more if I really think about it.)

Many of you know him too. His name is Danny, and many of you know him as Danny Oats. I honestly have not met anybody he has not gotten along with. It's really truly impressive.