Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pro/Con List of Running in Tallahassee According to David

Pro: Running down hills
Weather still not unbearable and it's already basically April
Lots of side streets making it easy to add a quick quarter mile extra to a run
I have to develop new routes to run because of unfamiliarity
There is apparently a 5k just about every weekend

Con: Running up hills
College life has made me out of shape
Area where I run is not as nice, so I can't run late at night
The roads here are not in as good shape as I am used to

I've been running again for about a week now. It feels good to get back into the daily run grind. I'm excited for a week or two when it stops hurting so much after a mile and a half. My legs appear to be more or less back into shape. Once I slim down my torso it will be a lot easier for me to run longer distances without stopping. My legs will almost definitely be stronger then too.

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