Thursday, March 31, 2011

Making Strides

Ran tonight. Wasn't sure if running was in the cards for me tonight. It was and I ran a little less than two miles. I was feeling good towards the end and was contemplating running another couple hundred meters. Got cramps right after I thought about going a longer distance. Still felt better during my run today than I have during a run in a long long time. Definite improvement.

Also, making strides in other parts of my life. Becoming more okay with everything. Trusting more in the Lord. These thing have to happen eventually. If it's in God's plan we'll meet again in a better situation. If not, I can't dwell on this situation forever, even though I probably would if it were up to me. Once again though, more okay.

See the double meaning to making strides there? Improvements and running. They both involve strides in some way...

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