Sunday, March 27, 2011

All Out

I used to say that I gave all I had in friendships and relationships because I had never been hurt. I had never put a lot into a situation and had it really backfire on me. I was pretty content being the guy that goes all the way for the people in my life. There were benefits to this way to live and there were also drawbacks. I felt that I got the most from my relationships but I also ran the risk of pain, of being hurt in these friendships.

I've gone through a little more of my life and I've felt some of these pains. I've been hurt by different people in various ways. That pain can burn worse that a million candles. It is hard and it takes a long time to recover from.

But, I have also decided not to change my ways. I have decided that I can't change my ways. If I didn't live this life like this, I wouldn't be me. It would be very uncharacteristic of me to stop doing this now or at anytime. This may be because it took me longer than a lot of people I know to feel let down by someone, but it might also be because I have had so many great relationships with so many different people in my life. I have loved all out for so long and have seen the fruits that it can bear. To continue that metaphor, I'm not going to stop eating the fruit just because a couple of them have turned up rotten. On a side note, this goes the opposite way my Dad chooses restaurants. I've hit so many homeruns, I won't stop once one gets called back due to the new fangled instant replay technology(I was going to compare homeruns to strikeouts, but the hurting has never been strikeouts. They have always been really good and then followed by bumps in the road.) So don't worry guys. Expect the same ol' David in your life, he's not going anywhere.

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