Monday, April 18, 2011

This one person.

I consider myself to be very blessed. I was born into a family where I had a lot of opportunities to do pretty much anything I ever wanted to do. I've also been lucky to have great relationships with people. One relationship will always stand out.

That person taught me so much about myself and about people. I had never had someone I could tell anything to and that really meant a lot to me. Spending time with her was the most comfortable and easiest thing to do. So many memories were made and I would definitely not be the same person I am without having gone through the things I did with her. I will be forever grateful.

Her passion for the little ones is amazing. You can hear it in her voice when you talk to her. And you will probably know within the first couple of minutes. It is wonderful. You can also see God in her everyday life. She really is a princess. I look forward to future experiences whenever they may happen, even if it is a little while away.


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